David Markey's 1991 Tour Diary

Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo & David Markey, Reading Festival (Joe Cole)

Transcribed from the notebook Dave kept during the 1991 tour

The excitement was palpable... I had previously worked with Sonic Youth on a couple low budget Super-8 music videos for their 1990 major label debut album, Goo (Mildred Pierce and Cinderella's Big Score). I had also made a few short films involving Thurston Moore & his wife and band mate of three decades Kim Gordon, dating back to Astro Turf (1987), The Boost II (1989), Lou Believers (1989), Skeeno H.C. Rules (1991) and Rap Damage (1991).

Besides having a working relationship with the band, I was friends with them and have no problem disclosing I was also a fan. We were even label mates at one point in the mid-80’s at SST; I was with Painted Willie at the time they recorded and released EVOL and Sister, two stellar albums I admired very much.

Working with Sonic Youth was a great experience, usually completely spontaneous and always a lot of fun. We were itching to work on some sort of long form documentary project. There was some discussion in 1990 to possibly document the making of the Goo LP, but this was abandoned as the band began a very laborious and stressed production schedule.

Flash forward to July of 1991, when I received a phone call from Thurston Moore asking if I was at all interested in hitting the road with the band as they traverse a European Summer Festival Tour that I was to document myself on Super-8 film. Apparently he had sold his fellow band mates and management on incurring the expense of bringing me on the road. This tour was going to commence in just a few short weeks. Thurston was especially jazzed to be bringing Nirvana along as the opening act. Of course he also brought Nirvana to the attention of their record label, DGC (David Geffen Company) and management (Gold Mountain, lead by one John Silva.) I naturally jumped at the chance and scrambled to procure enough Super-8 film (a little over $1,600.00 worth that I put on my credit card) and to get my gear and passport together.

Thurston just knew that something amazing was going to happen. But of course, no one really knew just what exactly was about to go down in the short weeks and months following the end of this tour. Quite simply, the world was about to change in a profound way, particularly for a group of people on this excursion. What follows here is my transcribed hand scrawled notebook journal entries from this very tour.


August 18, 1991:

LAX - Meet up with John Silva and Nirvana at the United terminal at 10:30 am sharp. In the ticketing line I am introduced to singer/ guitarist Kurt Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic, their new drummer Dave Grohl, and soundman Craig Montgomery. They are all very tired because apparently they were up all night shooting a music video for their forthcoming album. Krist makes an underhanded comment about the director being a jerk as he eyes me with my camera gear. There is something familiar about them, they remind me of a band that could have easily been on SST.

We board United flight 934 and we're off to Heathrow International outside of London, England, arriving 7:30 tomorrow morning. We're meeting up with Sonic Youth and starting a two week European tour, mainly consisting of festival shows. I'm along on this tour to shoot a documentary, and my camera was baggage checked (duh, my mistake, I should have commenced shooting right away.) I'm real excited and everyone else seems to be too.

Played poker with Krist and Craig, won 4 out of 5 hands. Odd, I don't usually have this luck in cards. Attempting to get drunk, but can't quite get there. I've had 5 beers and a couple screwdrivers. Tried to sleep but just couldn't. Walkman is on now, listening to Beefheart, Monk, & Coltrane. Worried about customs, and getting my overstuffed suitcase full of Super- 8 film past them without paying any taxes. Also, I don't have a work permit, so I really gotta play it cool.


Dave Markey and a suitcase full of Kodak Super-8 film, Reading Festival (Joe Cole)



England - Holding pattern over Heathrow delays our landing by a half hour. After the long flight it seems like we're circling for an eternity. Casually cruised right past a dozen or so guards at customs. Was able to fool immigration about my entry, played the part of a student / tourist well enough and was let right through. Nirvana however was held up for quite a while in there due to that previously mentioned paperwork. Meanwhile, I greet Kim, Thurston, and drummer Steve Shelley, minus Lee Ranaldo who's arriving tomorrow and meeting us in Ireland. Sonic Youth's crew are more like their friends; Suzanne Sasic, Keith Nealy, and Nick Close are all real nice folk, and we check out the plush tour bus we'll be riding in. I break out my old reliable Bealieu Super-8 and start shooting. Shortly thereafter the Sonic bus takes off without me, and I'm lost in a terminal at Heathrow.

Luckily, in the near distance I spot Kurt and Dave boarding their Euro-van, a much less accommodating tour vehicle but one that will do the job all the same. I catch a ride. Dave Grohl pops in Redd Kross' Third Eye cassette and starts playing air drums. They ask me who the naked girl on the album cover is. I inform them that it's Sofia Coppola. I don't mention that Sofia is a friend of mine or that she appeared in the Mildred Pierce clip I directed for Sonic Youth last year. I am unsure if they know anything about me besides the connection to Redd Kross. Krist begins imitating Sofia's dying scene in Godfather 3 ("Dad... Daaadd"). Kurt looks at me like he might be a bit embarrassed, so maybe he does know.

We arrive at the equipment rental place somewhere near London and I rejoin with the Youth, and I do a bit of filming. I take Thurston into a hallway and have him do a formal introduction for the tour. "This tour to me is like a dare... He begins, (immediately referring to Madonna, not an alien presence to Sonic Youth.) "It's like a dare to our parents... the Bush Administration... The KGB who have overthrown Gorbachev just this morning..."

I chow a veggie burger and chips at the cafe. Jet lag and lack of sleep creeps in. I board the Sonic bus, am handed the tour itinerary and climb into my bunk and fall fast asleep. Wake up six hours later just in time for sunset in Wales. See a huge castle with a drawbridge that looks like its a thousand years old. There are a few movies on the bus, most notably This Is Spinal Tap, which Krist borrows for the Nirvana van. I watch The Untouchables and it puts me right to sleep. Meanwhile the bus boards a ferryboat to cross the waters to Ireland. I wake up an hour or so later in a cold sweat from a strange dream to find myself alone in an empty bus that is sitting inside a large auto storage compartment in the belly of the boat. Feeling claustrophobic, I make my way up on deck and find Thurston at the bar and join him in a Guinness. I then learn that it's illegal for passengers to be inside their vehicles due to the possibility of these boats sinking. And, hey, didn't one of these boats sink recently?


Thurston with the August issue of Guitar Player magazine, with him on the cover (Dave Markey)



Ireland - Wake up on the couch in the back of the bus at the crack of dawn. Moved here in the middle of the night from the coffin-like, crawl-space bunk. Beautiful super-green Irish countryside rolling by. Everyone else is still sleeping. Have a coffee and rap with Terry, SY's sound guy. He's awesome, and I tell him I plan on using his soundboard tapes as audio for my film.

Arrive at our first stop on this tour, in the county of Cork. The band(s) and crew all have breakfast together in this old inn we're staying at that's attached to the club, Sir Henry's. My first impression of Europe as an American: everything is old. I dig it. This is my first time here, and I'm stoked. It's like walking into a history book. Nothing lasts for long in LA, it's great to be somewhere so rich with time.

Cool out for a while back at the room. Lee arrives and attempts some shuteye; he's been up all night in transit. European MTV is showing Motley Crue struggling through a version of the Sex Pistols' Anarchy In The UK at some big European festival. Perhaps maybe one of the same festivals we'll be at. Can jetlag cause you to hallucinate something this surreal? I make a sarcastic comment, "Wow, 1991 is the year that punk rock finally breaks." Lee laughs.

The gig tonight is in a small pub called Sir Henry's. I surmise this a "warm-up" show for the big festival shows to follow. I hear busloads of English fans are arriving just for this gig. There are old go-go cages in the back of the club, and I film Grohl go-going for it inside of one. Nirvana opens the show and rock especially hard in this small space, although filming suffers tonight due to lack of existing light. I shoot Kurt backstage nursing a tall-can of Heineken. I bust out with the obligatory Blue Velvet/ Frank Booth reference "Heineken?! Fuck that shit! PABST BLUE RIBBON!" Kurt smiles back at me.

Sonics take the stage and workout big time. They play good, a lot of Goo songs, a few older ones, and some new. There is a girl up front who keeps yelling for Bubblegum in between each song. Needless to say, she didn't get her request. No Watt in the house tonight, and I don't think they've ever played this obscure b-side cover song live.


Dave Markey, Kurt Cobain, & Kim Gordon, Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium (Thurston Moore)



Dublin - Wake up in my bunk at dawn, everyone else is still sleeping. I climb out and head to the back of the bus. Thurston is there reading a book on palm reading, says he's been up since 5:30 am. The bus is now stopped. We are somewhere in Dublin. I buy a box of Sugar Smacks from the mini-mart across the street and we split it. They are still called "Sugar" Smacks here (not the re-branded "Honey Smacks" back home.) We go for a walk and we buy some postcards. Jet lag still weighing down heavy on me. It starts drizzling rain. Back to the bus for more sleep.

Wake up and we're at the venue for tonight, the Top Hat, a larger sized club / hall. Eat beans on toast for lunch. The bands sound check and I write postcards to my mom and friends back in the USSA. Later, stroll through downtown Dublin with Kim & T, and do some filming. Saw a girl in a Fugazi T-shirt. Kim buys a "I Hate School" new-wave button. We run into a fan that claims he has the cover of "Goo" painted on the front of his scooter.

Gig time; I get a good master shot of Nirvana from the back balcony. Film quite a few songs in their entirety, with my 200-foot mags of Kodachrome 40. Enough light in the house tonight thanks to Suzanne. Back up battery and charger working A-O-K.

Shoot a lot of the Youth tonight. Burn thru 6 200-foot cartridges without any problems. At the end of the set, during a grand version of "Expressway To Yr Skull" my Bealieu 7008 pro Super-8 camera just up and dies. Try everything to get it up and running to no avail. It just isn't working. The motor just isn't pulling the film past the shutter. My one and only camera with me bites the dust! Bummer. Super-8 motion-picture cameras are pretty rare these days back in the States and are probably even harder to track down here in Dublin. Onwards to the hotel, have a few Irish Whiskeys with the band and crew at the bar while arrangements are made to get me a airline ticket to England tomorrow to see about getting my camera repaired. Share a room with Lee again, and probably snored him out.



Ireland / England - I was supposed to stay in Dublin today and ride back to England with the bus and crew tomorrow but as fate would have it I'm in the air with Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and John Silva back to England. Both bands have a day of press to do tomorrow. Kurt came running up to me in the airport, glowing with an extremely rare original edition paperback copy of Naked Lunch he had just scored, happy as a clam.

We're flying Aer Lingus {I think the name sounds funny.} Breakfast is then served. It is meat with more meat. Ham on beef! Blood sausage! It's looks a little too intense to eat. I retreat to my walkman and play at full volume Jesus Christ Superstar (the original Broadway version, of course). We hit a patch of turbulence and I notice a Catholic priest fiddling a rosary seated right next to Silva, who is seated behind me. Land safely at Heathrow. Drive out of there again with Kurt, Krist, and Dave and we head straight to the grey MCA offices in Central London. Nirvana begin their juggernaut of press interviews, and I am on the phone with every camera shop I can find in Jolly Ol' London. I grab an advance cassette tape of the forthcoming Nirvana record, Nevermind and slip it into my pocket.

I have an excellent Fish 'n Chips lunch in the pub around the corner with the band. Getting to know them a little more, and I think they're real cool guys. They are actually quite hilarious! Krist and Dave are regular jokers. Had a laugh at the mundane questions they keep getting from the English press. "What are your influences?" I finally get a hold of a guy who repairs Bealieu's and arrange to meet him tomorrow. We then all go see out to see Mudhoney play a club somewhere in London. Hole is the opening band.

Thurston and Kim, on a plane (Dave Markey)



London to Reading- Wake up six am after a few hours of sleep on the floor of Steve Shelley's room in a London Ramada Inn. I take a train out to Gatwick to meet the only man in all of the U.K. who apparently knows the inner workings of my camera. I pop the advance tape of Nevermind into my walkman. Smells Like Teen Spirit comes right at me. Just then the train rolls right by the creepy factory depicted on the cover of Pink Floyd's Animals, off to my left. I snap a photo of it with my Pentax K-1000 35mm and proceed to drift off into total Nirvana. I really like this tape and by the time side one ends, I am at my destination.

As it turns out, the camera guy can't help me and I'm headed back the way I came, listening to side 2. Back to London to check every camera shop I can find in search of the elusive Bealieu 7008 Super 8. I'm riding double decker busses to tube stations to various stores, until I do find a Bealieu 5008, an older version of my camera, one that will use the same power system, and accept the 200 ft loads of film. I hand over the overpriced 350 pounds and make my way through Piccadilly Circus, to the tube, to the big gothic station, to the train that will take me to the Reading Festival.

They sky is dark gray and looks like rain as the train pulls into the Reading station. A short walk to the festival grounds. Lots of people coming in. Trudge through the mud and make my way to the backstage and board the Sonic Youth bus. Steve's wearing my brown corduroy jacket and I'm wearing his "Dry Nod" T-shirt!


Joe Cole and Michelle Leon, Reading Festival (Dave Markey)


My pal and former touring mate Joe Cole is arm in arm with his girlfriend Michelle Leon, bassist babe of Babes In Toyland, who are about to take the stage and open today's show on the main stage. Joe's over here touring as a roadie for Hole, who aren't on the bill today for some odd reason. I get my battery charger fired up, clean the gate and the lens and begin a hectic day of shooting with the new (used) camera.

I gather there were 60 thousand people out there, it sure looked great from the stage. And if I wasn't on stage, I was backstage capturing the insanity. The bands had to do more press today, so I crashed the interviews when I could. Courtney Love bum rushed the MTV Sonics interview with Thurston's encouragement. Matt Lukin from Mudhoney (who also are strangely absent from the bill today), filled in for an absent Steve Shelley in a Japanese TV interview. Lee and Kim we're then taking the piss out of French journalists, and they didn't even notice.

Nirvana pretty much stole the show, hands down. Kurt dove into the photo pit, and spoke right into my camera and said, "...This is known as the blues scale!" as he wailed away discordantly on his guitar with a Feederz sticker on it ("Vandalism: It's as beautiful as a rock in a cop's face"). And then he dove into the crowd, should be a cool shot. At the end of the set, during the "noise song" ("Endless, Nameless"), he ran across the stage and tossed himself right into Grohl's drum kit. He apparently hurt his shoulder. Best show for them so far on this tour.

Dinosaur Jr. had the entire crowd singing along, I had no idea they are so huge here. There were a few other bands that played too that I paid no attention to (Pop Will Eat Itself). I filmed Sonic Youth in a communal prayer right before they took the stage and yet this turns out to be not one of their better sets. Iggy Pop headlined doing more Stooges songs than I've ever seen him do. He looked good too, and he even got naked, right on! A real heavy day (and night) of filming (burned the most film so far today.)


Courtney Love and Kim Gordon, Reading Festival (Dave Markey)



Cologne, Germany - Overnight drive into Cologne (didn't Devo record Shrivel Up here?) Right before we hit town I woke up in the back of the bus on the couch. Can't stand the bunk anymore. I know this is how Cliff Burton went. We stop at a highway restaurant (rathskeller -sp?). Another currency change, and of course I didn't have the d-marks, but Thurston covered me. Had French fries and eggs and rapped with Silva & Lee. And then, on to the second festival of this tour. This one again with Dino Jr., Bob Mould (acoustic/solo), Danielle Dax, and a bunch of other crap. I'm really getting into Nirvana, who were late and almost didn't make the show. They blew their set time but Thurston scrambled and got all the remaining bands to cut 10 minutes from their set so they could play. Great show, got lots of good stuff. Not nearly half the size of the Reading crowd, this festival (dubbed "Monsters of Rock") was graced by the best Sonic Youth set yet so far of this tour. Like that new song Chapel Hill.



Hasselt, Belgium - "Pukkelpop" Another festival, this one looks as big as Reading, with a stranger bill. The Pouges and The Ramones are the big stars here. Dino again. Black Francis too. Nirvana had to open the show at 11 am. A lot of sub-par "alternative" nobodies like An Emotional Fish cluttering up the bill. I was drunk and apparently pissed in Ride's dressing room (territorial pissings?) Anyhow, the day started out soberly enough with a classy breakfast at the Ramada. I filmed Thurston espousing on my "the year punk broke" thesis with tour manager Peter Van der Velde. Then a quick taxi ride to the gig, which was in the middle of some heavy forest foliage. Got there just in time to catch the last half of Nirvana's set. They are getting progressively wilder as the tour goes on, and all this at 11 in the morning! However, the crowd just kinda stood there dumbfounded. I did a bit of filming and captured Kurt straddling Krist and spinning into oblivion. Kim, Thurston and I watched from the photo pit in awe.


Thurston watching Nirvana open the festival show at 11am! (Dave Markey)


A lot of hanging out went on today, bolstered by the most alcohol I've seen backstage yet. Nirvana covered their trailer in hand picked flowers by their road manager, Alex Macloed. All the bands had very formal table placards bearing the band's names on it. Shot a great scene between Kim and J. Mascis which was a knock-off of the Madonna/Sandra Bernheart scene from Truth or Dare. Later, we parodied another scene from that flick, the Kevin Costner scene with Cobain in the Costner role, and of course Kim assumed the Madonna role again.

Sonics open with Schizophrenia, the lead off track to 1987's Sister, and it's just massive and majestic. A perfect set follows as I keep the camera a-rollin'. They were really in their element. The massive crowd was way into it too, and it showed. During Kool Thing, Kurt danced with his friend Ian Dickson on stage, like a spaz on Ritalin. As the day went on, everyone got more drunk. The Nirvana and Youth trailers we're parallel, and things started flying thru the adjacent windows; food, bottles, chairs, & clothes! By the time dinner was served, the inevitable food fight began, much to the chagrin of the concert promoters. Silva got as drunk as a fish, as this is his last day on the tour. I later encouraged Krist and Kurt to pilfer the Pouges' booze, which they drunkenly did (risky business when you think about it). And I even filmed Joey Ramone hanging out, though I was too shy to talk to him. I later even filmed the Ramones live in action! I have no idea how I held the camera for that one, I was so wasted. I was wasted.


Kim Gordon at the dinner table, Pukkelpop Festival (Dave Markey)



Overnight drive w/ day off in Bremen. Went record shopping, found a store called Helter Skelter, bought a Butthole Surfers bootleg, a Circle One bootleg, and not surprisingly a Charles Manson LIE bootleg. Filmed Thurston running wild in the streets, talking up dogs, babies, & little girls. Kim bought me a candy clown egg with bubblegum inside. Later walked through a red-light district, it was right out of a movie. Steve bought me a Bros candy bar (Bros are a Euro-New Kids on the Block-type band).



Bremen, Germany - Large club show tonight at The Aladdin w/ Gumball opening. I got to sing back-ups on their tune Yellow Pants. It was rough filming in this pad however, no good vantage points. Big pillars blocking the view of the stage, no good side views. Kim tells a MCA record exec to "fuck off" via a post-it note she left in Nirvana's backstage, which later gets thrashed. I start feeling a bit weird, all these excesses catching up. The bands play exceptionally however, and this gig is being recorded on a 24 track. Thurston accidentally trashes (and buys) a disco mirror ball. It now rides on the bus with us.


Thurston, Bremen, Germany (Dave Markey)



Halle, (former) East Germany - OK, so there is no more USSR or DDR, the times they are indeed a-changin'. Went to a beautiful hundreds-of-year-old church & castle, never seen anything like this before.

The venue (didn't get the name) reminded me of Mike Myers' "Sprockets" skit. Very German. Very Deiter. Very Kraftwerk. They cranked the most awesome techno during dinner. There was a catwalk above the stage, made good for filming. The people here probably have not gotten much in the way of live rock 'n' roll in their day, but tonight they got Nirvana and Sonic Youth wailing, flailing, and burning bright. Must have been really weird for them.

Another gift from Steve, a Mickey and Minnie tambourine (because I had commented on how Disney was so omnipresent in Germany.) Filmed Thurston taking a dump, hope that comes out.


Nic Close, Dave, Thurston, Steve, Brian Best, & Terry Pearson, somewhere in Europe (Unknown)



Stutgart, Germany - The gig tonight is in a huge country and western bar, The Longhorn, a real Urban Cowboy type place replete with a mechanical bull. It's remarkable to see recycled American culture in a foreign land, especially a trend that was dead on arrival stateside over a decade ago.

Shot a lot of stuff today: Thurston doing a beat/hip hop mantra while Kurt and Kim do interpretive dances on a railroad track, Thurston rapping with some local kids about the state of underground rock, an uneventful game of spin-the-bottle, and a bunch of other stuff that should be good for segues in this film. And I got a lot of great Nirvana & Sonics live stuff tonight too.



Nuremberg, Germany - The gig is outdoors, adjacent to a massive German Disneyland-on-acid amusement park. Imagine Coney Island, A State Fair, mix in Dante’s Inferno and top it off with a bunch of drunken Germans in polka tents that was the scene. If this is any insight to the German psyche, yow! The location inspired me to take a little trip of my own...

Had the camera working overtime today. Rode a chamber-of-thrills type ride with Kim, it was the greatest! I filmed a 50 foot robotic King Kong that spoke German, and seemed to be talking directly at me. Perhaps it was the acid I took talking... I got Kim, Lee, and Steve to ride the log fume ride (Thurston chickened out). I rode a huge looping rollercoaster with five loops, modeled after the Olympics logo. Thurston just came to life in this environment, captured a lot of classic, hilarious stuff.

Was having so much fun in the amusement park I missed Nirvana's set. Kurt said he thought it was kind of rough anyhow. He was into checking out the carnival, so I filmed Kurt walking around this twisted theme park whilst I myself was tripping pretty hard.

Whether it was my state of mind or not, Sonic Youth just seemed to tear it up even more than they have been doing of late. I was able to film a lot too. Easy access all around, lit perfectly. Looked and sounded beautiful, and the set ended with a massive fireworks display. Stayed up till 5 am playing cds in the back of the bus with Thurston and his German pal, Axl. Everything from Thin Lizzy to Meat Puppets, Talking Heads to King Crimson.


Steve, Thurston, Nic, Suzanne Sasic, Kim, & Keath Nealy (road crew) in Holland. (Dave Markey)



Rotterdam, Holland - Day off (not really). The first day of a massive 2-day music festival. Spent most of the day sleeping, but was woken up by Keith who just scored the most amazing weed from a local hash bar for something like $15. American dollars. Unbelievable. Did a bit of record shopping, found a mint copy of The Osmond's psychedelic opus The Plan. Ate Frite's w/ pinter sauce (French fries w/ peanut butter- most excellent). Checked out and shot Dinosaur Jr. @ the festival before passing out.


Rotterdam, Holland - Day 2 of this fest starts with another call from Keith Nealy. We hit the local hash bar for a space cake breakfast. Hard to believe tonight is the last show of this tour, it's been great fun. Hung out with Nick Cave, a really nice gentleman who bought me a beer. Thurston introduced us, and mentioned Desperate Teenage Lovedolls, and Mr. Cave said it sounded great. The festival is held in a big indoor multi-hall convention center-type place, with many bands playing simultaneously.

Because this is the last show of the tour, Nirvana were getting really tanked-up backstage prior to their set. Usually this happens after the show. Krist informs me Kurt is flying on mushrooms, but I'm not sure if I believe him. I film Kim Gordon doing the band's make up. It's a nice, quiet moment. Smashing Pumpkins are playing the festival too. Courtney Love enters the room with Billy Corgan and introduces him to everyone. I think everyone was vastly under whelmed. After they leave the room, Kurt scrawls on the wall in magic marker; "Courtney + Gish" and smiled incessantly. I capture this moment for prosperity.

Nirvana goes on and just about drives me to tears. They were fucking up too, but fucking up gloriously. I film most of the set, loading the cartridges non-stop. I was even calling out songs from stage right. "Hey Kurt, play In Bloom!" {They haven't played that song on this tour 'til tonight.} At the end of the set Kurt goes into distructo mode, and doesn't stop until bouncers accost him. Alex the road manager soon puts a stop to that.

Sonic Youth are playing in a different room, in a larger hall. Kim Gordon repeats my "1991 is the year Punk Rock finally breaks" thesis on stage tonight. That has become an in-joke on this tour and would indeed be a good title for this project. Sonics pull out all the stops tonight, a real solid set and a perfect ending to this tour. A killer Teenage Riot, a two-thumbs-up Mote, a very tasteful Brother James, and another epic Expressway. Shot it all. That's it. Tour's over.

There is a post tour party at the Hilton and I go only to say goodnight & goodbye to everyone. I am too burned out to hang tonight. The last two weeks have been a non-stop party. I'm gonna miss you all greatly, 'til next time! I've gotta be up at 6 am, heading back to England (this time to travel to Nottingham) to shoot a music video and then back to Los Angeles.

I stare at my suitcase filled with hundreds of rolls of spent Super-8 film and wonder what the end result will look like. Should be some more fun putting all this together.


Thurston, on the bus w/ a torn page from Elle, fashion magazine (Dave Markey)

(c) copyright 1991, 2016 David Markey / We Got Power Films

Photographs by David Markey, Joe Cole, & Thurston Moore